Holiday travel package

It is not usually wise to be traveling during holidays as these are the times when almost every other person in the world is traveling. It is of course best to plan ahead or book ahead and go to your destination early to avoid all the hassle but if you’re one of those last minute people or probably one of those who can’t really avoid it, you should follow the next few tips for a better journey and maybe a cheaper stay.


Holiday travel packages were never made with only one person in mind; no two people are alike, keep this in mind because the agencies that packed them have kept these in mind, use this fact to haggle your way into cheaper or sometimes better deals. Even if there are ready made packages, you can ask for extra perks especially if you’re staying for more than a week.

– Be careful of travel agents. Travel agents may give you the best deal for flights your package, which normally include airfare, lodgings and transportation, but a really good agent can be really flexible. One example would be if you want a rental car for the first half of your trip but you want to get rid of it by the second half, a good agent can arrange this for you, sometimes for a cheaper price.

– Be sure that the package you want is available, you don’t want to get pulled into something that ends up being sold out, some people give out too-good-to-be-true packages which end up being “sold out” in the end, so before you make a deal or transfer a morsel of cash, make sure that it is still available.

– Be sure to know exactly what airline and route your taking, you won’t want those unpleasant layovers which can be a real pain, not to mention delay your schedule.

204048-200x200– A good sign of a good package is one that is very flexible, as said before, no two people are alike, and a good package should reflect that, it should allow you to choose between destinations, as well as brands and lodgings without changing the price. A choice in which rental car to take is also a sign of a good package.

– Finally, it’s good to ask for discounts and cheap flights that you might get if you do certain stuff, like stay in the hotel for more than a week, or sign up on the internet instead of by phone. Research first before you cough up the money for down-payment; make sure you’ve exhausted all possible discount generating ways before you decide on a package.

Choosing the Best Travel Accommodation

There are many things to consider when choosing your travel accommodations. The decision could make your trip fun or a disappointment. Choosing the right hotel is a must. Most travelers spend more time in airline ticket reservations and bargains but less time in choosing the right accommodations. Thus they may end up on the wrong side of the bed during their stay.

To get the most out of your hotel accommodations, remember to book as early as possible and make your dates more flexible. Hotels that specialize business people will consider weekends as off season. Family vacationers could tap into these special packages during weekends. Primarily, you should choose your hotel based on name, amenities, features, price, packages and location.

Here are some considerations in choosing your best travel accommodations:

1. Accommodations should be family-friendly. Always ask if your hotel offers children activity areas with educational and fun activities supervised by duly-trained care-givers.

2. Your hotel should provide a swimming pool for children, daycare service, crib rental and child-proof electrical outlets.

3. Stay in a hotel that has electronic room-key cards and has a security viewer installed on their doors.

4. Make it a priority to choose a room on the upper floor.

5. If you’re the one who likes to spend more time in your hotel room and the balcony, you should ask for the available amenities and the conditions of the surrounding environment.

6. Depending on whether you’re on a private or business trip, ask your hotel about the availability of laundry service, hair dryers, coffee makers, newspapers, free meals, fax machine, bar, cable television, parking, shuttle service, internet connection, etc.129312-250x239

7. The hotel property layout and its location may speak more of its surrounding environment. Noisy locations such as construction on adjacent property, car traffic and noisy waterfalls are not specified on hotel flyers. So be sure to ask about it.

8. Beautifully landscaped surroundings with trees, flowers and inner courts also enhance your travel pleasure. Moreover, gift shops and restaurants all add up to a wonderful travel experience.

9. The location of your hotel with respect to main attraction is equally important. It could save you money on taxi and bus fare.

10. Make sure that the room service is provided 24 hours a day.

11. Check out the room itself. Is it brightly colored or classical? It sets the mood of your travel.

In order to get the most out of your travel, whether for business or family vacations, be sure to know everything about the hotel you are planning to check in to. Ask friends and relatives who have been there. Don’t just depend on the hotel’s webpage which is undoubtedly biased. Having to stay in a hotel which you don’t like could ruin your trip.

Your own travel discounts

262626-970x250Hotel and rental car owners don’t just offer you discounts at random, you have to ask for it work for it, and sometimes, these discounts aren’t even worth it, well unless you’re looking to traveling during off peak season where there is at most a 50% discount. But let’s face it, we travel during peak season because this is the season when we actually have time to travel. So aside from waiting for your favorite hotel’s tirade of discounts during off peak season, when you can’t really travel and then end up not traveling at all, why not take the initiative and find your own ways to cheap travel, make your own discount.

– Check detour flights other than the straight one you’re bound to get when you inquire. You can get cheaper overall prices if you choose to book two flights instead of one. Some people have been able to save as much as $2000 by doing this.

– It is always better to buy food at the grocery and cook it yourself rather than eating everyday at a restaurant. You won’t want to spend all of your pocket money on food. Restaurants tend to have cheap and sometimes unhealthy food, ensure your own health as well as your pockets health by cooking your own, that is, after all, the reason why there’s a stove in your hotel room.

– Travel to places which boast of natural beauty but have lower costs of living, prices here tend to be lower. Take the Philippines or Malaysia for example, both have great views and tourist spots but come without the hassle of overpricing, English speaking natives are also a plus for these countries.

– If you’re planning to stay for more than a week, call the hotel that you’d want to stay in and ask for week long stay discounts, these can range for percentages off your room price or even a “free day.”

– Package deals usually save a lot, airfare and lodgings combined into one are usually cheaper compared to paying for them separately. Some travel agencies even provide trio packages which include airfare, hotel and car rental, you can save a lot if you have the industriousness to canvass.129312-250x239

– Find web-only discounts or coupons which some hotels and airline owners provide especially for those willing to reserve online. You can save as much as 50% on your travel costs by going this way.

Cheap Airfare

So, how does low-cost or cheap air fare work exactly? Simple: Budget air travel gets you to your destination in the shortest time and at the cheapest possible price.

The main reason these airlines are able to keep airfare prices low is the no-frills concept. First, there’s no ticketing office to sustain. All reservations and purchases are transacted online. Through e-ticketing, tickets can be purchased on the Web, which eliminates the need to employ more people for processing or maintain international offices.

However, people can still avail of cheaper airfares even if they don’t want to take chances with budget air travel.

Here’s how:

1. Purchasing the airline ticket at least 10 days ahead of the scheduled trip will enable the individual to avail of super low fares.

2. It is best to choose a weekday departure and arrival date when possible. This is because weekend flights get filled up faster than weekdays and airlines often offer discounts to fill up the weekday flights.

3. It would be better to book as a group of three or more to get even more discounts on fees.

4. People compare notes with and consult their friends and colleagues who have recently traveled.

5. In order to get the cheap airfares, people should be on the lookout for discounted rates on the Internet. Most of the cheap airfares are available online.

6. It is best to shop around for the cheap airfare first before you jump on the first deal you see. This is because there are airlines that may offer cheap airfares but the quality of service is entirely bad. Most airlines with cheap airfares have low quality of service and lacking the usual amenities.


All of these boil down to the fact that low-cost airlines may help people to extend their vacation and make it more memorable. They just have to shop around to get those that offer cheap airfare and cheap hotels but the quality of service is not taken for granted.

Thankfully, there are now more options for quick and fun vacations without having the costly air fares.

Get the Most Out Travel Deals

204048-200x200The lowest and the cheapest travel deals are not always the best deal. Today, travelers could be overwhelmed by the numerous travel deals being offered. Therefore you should weigh all options before choosing the right one in order to get the most out of it.

The greatest secret to getting an affordable airfare or best travel discounts is to know your budget and what do you really want. Additionally, you should shop and compare deals until you run out of options and choose the best among them.

And importantly, always plan ahead. Nothing is too early when it comes to vacation planning. This will give you ample time to search and choose.

Whether you’re a business traveler or planning a family vacation, here are some travel tips to save you money and choose the best deal:

Buy your ticket directly. Travel agents usually charge between $15 and $35 per ticket.

Buy your ticket all at the same time instead of buying one at a time. Booking fee may be discounted.

Booking for a package tour could be a wise choice for some destinations.

When planning a more complex trip, a travel agent can save you more time and money.

Compare prices online for the best hotel deal. There are websites that help travelers to shop and compare. Some also provide travel tips and guidelines.

Play the seasons. Some travel destinations are cheapest at certain times or season of the year. Booking for an off-peak season also would give you the best deal.

If you are planning to take a vacation, be sure to know what you really like to do, this will make your trip more meaningful. Mostly, travelers go for a trip that their friends recommend, but is it what they really want? It’s never too early to plan and know what your heart desires.

It’s nice to ask yourself these questions before starting to plan your vacation; do I want to relax? Do I want adventure or a learning experience? Do I want to get away from my job? Once you know the answers to these questions, then you are ready to plan your trip.

Vacations are needed for our emotional, physical and mental balance. Vacations give a person a chance to relax, renew his energy, and free him from his daily routine. Vacations could be far away or close to home. Wherever the vacation may be, it does the same thing. It is the satisfaction that is more important than the destination.

Generally, there are some different types of travel according to activities involved. Here are some of them:

129312-250x239Responsible Travel. Traveling doesn’t always have to be self-serving. With responsible travel, one could have enjoyment as much as respecting the local environment and the people.

Rediscovering nature. Rediscovering travel is all about nature and everything in it. It revitalizes the soul while smelling and feeling nature.

Tribal cultures. In today’s world of high technology, it is wise to experience the simpler life of the tribal people who live close to nature in the same way for the past thousands of years.

Responsible Diving. Diving not only let travelers appreciate what is down the sea but also making the traveler more aware of the conservation effort.

The country one is planning to travel to also leaves a great mark on the traveler’s diary. Here are some of the most popular destinations today:

Thailand. Thailand is also known as Siam. It is an Asian country bounded by Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Behind the back draft of Thailand’s jungles of bamboo, rubber trees and vines are the Five-star hotels of modern conveniences. In some parts of the country, elephants are still being use to lift timbers and buffalos are still being use in farming.

China. China is now the second largest country and fastest growing economy in the world. Most parts of China are still unexplored by tourist; however, the eastern portion is now popular to western tourist. First class hotels now offer highest class of amenities and dozens are still being built/

Italy. Italy is a boot-like shape country bounded by Switzerland, Austria, France, and Slovenia. The main attraction of Italy is St. Peter’s Square where the Pope resides.

Caribbean. Caribbean is an archipelago of islands, 2000 square miles across. Most of the islands are plateaus and eruptions of underlying mountain systems. It has nice beaches of crushed coral and white or pink sand and the water at the shore is a deep blue.


The success of any vacation will not depend by how much the traveler spent or its destination. It is how the traveler enjoyed it and how he was able to achieve his primary goal of “getting away from it all.”

How To Get A Hotel Discount

Search the internet, look for great deals. There are various types of hotels that offer great discounts on the web for online customers. Be sure to check these out.

Plan your trip during the off season months. These are the times when big discounts are given.

Call the hotel of your choice. Ask them about offers and discounts that they can give. List all promotions.

Certain hotels can give discounts to credit card holders of certain card establishments. Ask for the manager and ask him about it. The manager is the best person to ask, since if you can make negotiations, he has the authority to make negotiations with you.

Ask if they give discounts to students or senior citizens.

Simply ask through the phone how can you qualify for a discount. If at certain day of the week or at certain times of the year they give discounts, ask them about it and ask how much or how less can they give, then ask if you could get still a higher discount. Usually at off peak seasons, hotels will be willing to give in, just to fill the empty rooms.

Ask for certain packages. The best hotels usually offer rooms with free breakfast.

Do name drop. If you know of someone who frequently stays them, mention his name. It can help. Tell them your friend referred you to them and ask for a discount. Don’t ever give up if they say no. A statement like “is that the best you can do?” can encourage a big discount.

Try here if you want a 50% hotel discount.

Often, people in the military get good hotel rates. Usually, discounts are offered to government employees.

At off peak seasons, you could definitely ask for special rates. Then if they don’t budge after you have offered a discount, ask some extras, like breakfast.

When negotiating, it is very important to write down all agreed discussions. Write too, the names of the persons that you have been talking to, the time as well as the day and date. Ask for a number that you can call before checking in to the hotel for confirmation.

Upon arrival to the hotel, look around and ask for negotiations once more. For instance if you feel that the hotel is not fully booked, ask for a room with a better view than the one you are in, if you don’t agree with what you see.

Be flexible with travel dates and times. Some airlines and hotels offer substantial discounts if you book one or two days earlier.

Smaller airlines often have lesser fees. Additionally, small airlines don’t necessarily mean smaller airplanes.

Alternative airport also could provide you with substantial discounts. Ask your travel agent about it.

Plan ahead. The earlier you book, the better hotel deal you will have.

Buy trip insurance. Insurance will not only save your life but also could save you money. If you end up being sick in foreign country, your insurance back home might not cover it. Thus you might end up using your vacation budget on hospitalization.

Sign up for hotel and airline awards programs. Chain hotels usually have award programs; take advantage of it especially if you are a frequent business traveler.

Finally, never stop bargaining, always explore the possibility of lower airfare, lower hotel rates. However, it is important to weigh and compare all options since not all cheap travel deals will give you the travel value you deserved. Travel will be more enjoyable if you get the most of your hard earn vacation budget.

Considering Chile Vacations

Chile vacations can be some of the most unforgettable ones you ever get a chance to take. Before you book your flights and make your Chile travel arrangements, take some time to learn about all the things there are to do in the country’s largest city, Santiago. From uncovering all aspects of the Andes Mountains through ecotourism tours, to finding some of the country’s greatest wines, to discovering unique things to do within the city, there are a number of Chile tours and attractions to create a personalized vacation.chile-b920_b

Exploring The Andes

The Siete Tazas (known as the Seven Cups, if you speak English) National Park is located just three hours south of Santiago. The National Park gets its name from the seven waterfalls that have been carved out by the Claro de Molina River. The park has predatory animals, such as puma, which means it’s recommended that you go with a tour group. It’s possible to find tours that will take groups to see each of the seven waterfalls and their ‘cups’ that the park is named after. If you plan on taking one of these tours, it’s a good idea to pack plenty of sunscreen, water and a swimsuit and book a quallity hotel.


The Chilean ski season runs June through October, which means that Chile vacations are ideal for North Americans who want to ski during the summer months. Close to Santiago is El Colorado, where there are plenty of places to stay, restaurants, pubs, children’s lessons and more. El Colorado also has 70 different ski slopes, which means there’s a hill for skiers of every skill level.

Finding Some Of The Best Chile Attractions In Santiago

If you’re planning on staying within the city, you’ll still find many different things to do. Chile attractions include the Teatro Municipal, a theater that hosts performances from live ballets, to operas, to plays. Another popular attraction is the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, a museum that presents the history of the Pinochet years and Pablo Neruda’s Home. Consider asking the staff at your hotel for any other recommendations to help ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the best attractions that the city offers.

chile-632f_bWine Tours For Wine Lovers

One more thing the country is known for is its wine. Chilean wines are famous throughout the world and a tour through wine country is a must for any wine lovers. Whether you’re highly knowledgeable about the different varieties of wine or you just appreciate a delicious glass, consider taking a guided tour to a number of the area’s most popular wineries. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample an assortment and then purchase bottles to bring back home to remember their Chile vacations.

Chile boasts numerous National Parks such as Juan Fernández Islands, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, Laguna San Rafael, Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo and Parque Nacional Vincente Perez Rosales to name just a few. Vincente Perez Rosales is Chile’s first national park. This park has magnificent lakes, which are bordered by the Andes Mountains. It is an awe-inspiring sight with the volcanic peaks Osorno and Puyehue as a part of the view.

Lake District
Just south of the Biobio River is a land where sky and water meet to play. Snowcapped volcanoes are mirrored in the azure water of the lakes making this area mesmerizing. Twelve main lakes dot the district with as many as 6 volcanoes and some of the best freshwater fishing Chile has to offer.

Cerro San Cristobalcile-cano
Ride the Funicular up the hill to discover breathtaking views of Santiago. Plan to visit on a clear evening and stroll through Parque Metropolitano. On the peak of the summit, there is the Virgen de la Immaculada Concepción; at the foothills there is the Metropolitan Zoo, the Jardín Zoológico de Santiago and a Japanese-like garden. If all this is not enough for visitors to do and see, there are also 2 pools, Tupahue and Antilén, to take advantage of on hot days.
If you’re planning a vacation to Santiago, definitely do a little research and book a cheap hotel before you go. There are a number of different things to do, including winery tours, skiing and exploring the Andes Mountains and local national parks, not to mention all the different attractions that are in the city itself. Plan your vacation and the things you want to do to make sure that you don’t miss out any anything during this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Look For Quallity US Hotel

Not all hotels are the same. They are rated through a star rating. And more often than not, the more stars a hotel has (or claim it has), you should expect impeccable services from all the staff, complete and only the best room or suite features and essentials, and top-notch

But aside from having only the most spacious rooms and suites, luxurious and comfy beds and pieces of furniture, and amazing bathrooms, there are other things that 5-star hotels should offer or provide that should them set apart from other hotels with lower ratings. Here are some of the important features and perks you should look for in a 5-star hotel:

The staff providing more personalized services. It is definitely nice to be greeted “Good morning, Ma’am” or “Good morning, Sir” every time a hotel employee sees you or whenever you are talking to the receptionist. But having the hotel staff greet you by your first name or the right title with your last name would be nicer to hear, especially if you are greeted warmly and genuinely. This means that even if there are hundreds of guests at the hotel, they took the time to at least be familiar with your name and go beyond the usual hotel staff and guest relationship.

Better bedding. The best 5-star hotels have gone more modern and now have memory foams on their bed. This type of foam provides better back support and they are really comfortable. In addition, a 5-star hotel should have great pillow covers and linen that are plush and have high thread counts. It would also be great if you can quickly and easily get extra pillows, if you need or want them.

us-esTop-notch bath amenities. Your bath time will definitely be more enjoyable, luxurious and longer if the shampoos, bath soap, and other toiletries in the bathroom are to your liking. An authentic 5-star hotel should therefore carry well-known and better brands of toiletries that all guests would love to use.

Superb food and drink quality. Lastly, if you love getting room service or eating and drinking at the hotel’s restaurants and bars, you should make sure you won’t be disappointed by the hotel’s services and offerings. An extensive breakfast buffet is certainly ideal but you have to look at the quality of each food item as well. For instance, there should be fresh squeezed orange juice and a wide selection of other organic, healthy beverages, too. Pastries and bread should always be fresh and preferably, baked on-site.

A micro spa – Relaxing baths are a must whether you choose an adventurous type of holiday or a relaxed one where you just want to unwind. A top hotel should at least have Jacuzzi tubs complete with exfoliating and soaking salts as well as other spa basics at your disposal. There is nothing better than taking a relaxing bath after a day full of activities.

A stocked mini bar – Yes, refreshments should be handy when you need them and a mini bar that is well-stocked is therefore an important element. Some of the better resorts will make the minibar available at no extra charge, but you might need to pay in some resorts to get the bar stocked with your favorite drinks but it should at least have water at no charge.

Power outlets near your bed – If you live in the modern world, then you definitely will want to have your smartphone with you even when you are relaxing in bed. A power outlet near the bed offer great convenience; you do not need to charge the phone from the bathroom or start moving furniture and unplugging other items just to you can avail an outlet.

us-telLots of towels and robes – Enough towels should be provided for in your luxury resort villa or room so you do not end up having to use a wet towel that didn’t dry by the next use. A robe or two is also very helpful and it should at least be plush and comfortable to keep you warm after your bath. Resorts that offer enough towels and robes are definitely worthwhile.

Room service – A good luxury resort that cares about its customers should make room service available round the clock so you can enjoy your meals at whatever time without having to go down to the dining area or make trips to the restaurant. You are the king of the holiday and as so you should be treated with exceptional reliable room service.

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Traveling to United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has been undergoing massive development over the last few years that has seen an increase in tourist attractions and activities in the region. The United Arab Emirates or UAE is made up of seven different emirates or sovereign states each of these emirates have developed their own strategies to attract tourists and visitors making the UAE an exciting place to visit with many different hotels, activities and places of interest.

Some of the developments that have taken place in the UAE have become tourist attractions in their own right; The Palm Islands development and The World development have been publicised and caught the attention of people all over the world and now these manmade island groups are attracting tourists wishing to see them.

united-arab-emirates_zThe UAE is also lucky enough to have a very diverse geography and environment with many natural attractions such as unspoilt beaches and a fantastic, diverse and rare marine environment that includes animals such as turtles, dugongs, whales and dolphins. The beaches, animal life and coral reefs have made the UAE a destination of choice for divers from all over the world.

Taking a vacation or booking a hotel to United Arab Emirates is like submerging in a beautiful Middle Eastern fairy tale that rouses our imagination and leaves unforgettable memories for years to come. United Arab Emirates is also rated among the safest destinations for Western tourists to experience.

Below we list 5 Top places that offer a wide range of cheap hotels and should be considered for your next visit to United Arab Emirates.

1. Creekside Park Dubai is oasis of lush vegetation and serene views in the middle of a busy city of Dubai. This park is one of the most beloved places people come to reconnect with their senses after a long day at work. Creekside Park Dubai is also a popular tourist attraction offering a large number of amenities like a golf course, children’s play area and picnic tables that are great places to wind down after a busy sightseeing day. Creekside Park Dubai is well worth seeing while visiting United Arab Emirates. The large amphitheatre situated in the middle of the park is a popular place you can enjoy outdoor concerts and many other performances.

2. Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi is a grand monumental complex that is still actively used for worship and prayer for all followers of Muslim religion. A lot of religious travelers come to the Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi to devote some time for precious prayer and pay their respects to this magnificent architectural and religious icon. If you a visitor, be respectful to the religion and wear conservative clothing in order to be admitted to the Grand Mosque. While visiting the Grand Mosque men must remove shoes, all women require being fully clad in special clothing called abaya provided right at the spot. Hotels Abu Dhabi complex is broadly scattered all over the vicinity surrounding the Grand Mosque to accommodate many visitors and worshipers in United Arab Emirates.

united-arab-emirate63. Wild Wadi Water Park is ideal destination for many travelers coming to visit United Arab Emirates. Wild Wadi Water Park boast 30 water rides to suit all ages and excitement levels of its visitors. Located in the Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai, this park allows its visitors to escape scorching heat and humidity and enjoy some thrill rides. Once you grow tired of the thrill rides and just want to relax and enjoy some nice times, choose among multiple slow rides or simply chill at one of the 3 large restaurants that offers a variety of delicious Middle Eastern dishes to try. Many hotels situated in the Jumeirah Beach area will offer discounts and packages to save you money at the Wild Wadi Water Park.

4. Vacations to Jumeirah Beach area resorts offer multiple packages and opportunities to enjoy the warm inviting waters and hot sun to complete any great family vacations. Staying at the Jumeirah Beach hotels provides incredible savings for many United Arab Emirates attractions in the surrounding areas. You can choose from swimming, snorkeling, boating or jet skiing. Indulge in delicious Middle-Eastern dishes prepared by the chefs of the Jumeirah Beach hotels.

5. Yas Island in Abu Dhabi combines all the modern day luxuries in one breathtaking area located at the coast. Even the most seasoned traveler coming to United Arab Emirates is going to find virtually anything from the large list of amenities available at the Yas Island Abu Dhabi like golf courses, five-star hotels, mega-sized rollercoaster theme parks, fantastic high-end shopping and even Formula One racing circuit. The island’s location makes it even more appealing for the tourists from all over the world due to its close proximity to all major areas of interest like Abu Dhabi and Dubai in United Arab Emirates.

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United Kingdom Vacations

The United Kingdom of Great Britain consists of four countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital city of each is London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast respectively. The UK is a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, and parliamentary democracy. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the British Empire seemed to span the globe but since the two world wars it’s power has decreased dramatically. Most of the countries of the British Empire have gained their independence but remain part of the British Commonwealth (which includes Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

Today the United Kingdom is part of the European Union, though not fully integrated many of it’s sovereign powers have been transferred to the European Parliament. However, if you are planning a vacation to Britain you should be aware that the Euro has not been yet been adopted and the national currency which remains the British Pound. The British Pound is fiercely defended by the British people who see it as a symbol of their nationality. Maybe this originates from the fact that the economy of the United Kingdom is somewhat dominated by service sector industries such as financial services, with a strong history in banking and insurance.united-kingdom52_o

Tourism continues to be an important element of the British economy with nearly thirty million foreign visitors a year. The UK is ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in the world (about sixth) with a massive selection of cheap hotels and varied tourist attractions. Many tourists are attracted to the historic attractions, such as the many castles, with the Royal Family providing much of the pomp and ceremony that remains in popular demand. Most of the most famous landmarks and attractions are to be found in London, such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and London Zoo.

Scotland is extremely popular with tourists who flock to Edinburgh to visit Edinburgh Castle or one of the many festivals which are held throughout the year. Other popular vacation destinations in Scotland include the city of Glasgow, Stirling (popular for the historically important Stirling Castle) Pitlochry and other towns of the Highlands such as Inverness (now a city) and Fort William. The more adventurous tourists take their vacation in the Highlands and Islands with the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland being some of the remotest parts of the United Kingdom.

Wales is a predominantly rural nation with a number of fine castles and other historic tourist attractions. The capital city, Cardiff, is both an ancient town and young city, thoroughly modern in it’s outlook. Cardiff, a city for around 100 years, has a castle which is claimed to be about 2,000 years old which is well worth a visit. The modern Millennium Stadium and the Wales Millennium Centre are some of the most recent attractions and are venues for some spectacular events. The Doctor Who Exhibition is of great interest to fans of the BBC show (filmed mainly in the city) and they will please to hear that the center is the number one attraction at the moment.

Northern Ireland is recovering quickly from the ‘troubles’ and is very quickly growing in popularity as a vacation destination. For many years there was conflict between those who wanted the region to be returned to the Irish nation and those who wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom. Today it is peaceful and places such as Carrickfergus Castle, Ireland’s finest Medieval castle, and numerous beaches such as Portrush Whiterocks Beach proving extremely popular with tourists.

Of all the vacation destinations in the United Kingdom England attracts most visitors. As mentioned London is the most popular tourist destination but places like Blackpool prove very popular with younger visitors. The Blackpool lights, Blackpool tower complex, the pleasure beach and fun fair make for a lively and enjoyable vacation and Blackpool hotels and bed and breakfasts seem to dominate the areas closest to the sea. Other seaside towns such as nearby Southport and Morecambe provide a quieter vacation destination while remaining within easy reach of many interesting tourist attractions.

Whatever your requirements for a vacation the United Kingdom of Great Britain can provide you with your ideal break. Look around online and discover Britain, you are guaranteed to have a most enjoyable time.

united-kingdom_720England and Scotland both offer a variety of castles to explore. Windsor castle is the largest of England’s many castles. Knole Castle is architecturally unique with a room for each day of the year and a staircase for each week of the year. Hever Castle has a colourful history as the home of Anne Boleyn, which has been lovingly restored. Balmoral Castle purchased by Queen Victoria and Prince, is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland remains a favourite summer place for the royal family. The Palace of Holyroodhouse was originally a monastery founded in 1128, this castle was once the home of Mary Queen of Scots.

Visiting Alton Towers can be a pleasant diversion, steeped in history, but full of fun this one of Britain’s most favoured theme parks. The park began life as an estate belonging to the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury. The estates gardens were and still are themed areas that in modern day sport different rides to match their themes. Themed sections include Storybook land, Adventure Land, Merrie England, Gloomy Wood and the Forbidden Valley and more.

Luxury Hotels, UK offer a comfortable night of rest between days full of activities.

Thailand Hotels Cheap Prices

Thailand is a hotspot tourist destination that lies in Southeast Asia. It has several places of tourist interest, such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Koh Phangan. Since there are so many things to do and places to see in this beautiful country, you need to spend at least a week here to enjoy your trip. In addition to these Thailand top destinations, one can enjoy a variety of local shows and events in Thailand while he or she is there. These include events such as Thailand fullmoon party, and many others that can be enjoyed while on a holiday in Thailand.thailand-320

While making long vacation trips, the main concern of travelers is high hotel rates.

You can book Thailand hotels at affordable rates by following the below mentioned tips:

Online Booking

Thailand hotel booking can easily be done through online reservation portals. Booking early may help you get discounts. Early bookings also help you get the hotel as well as room of your choice. Hotels in Thailand give special discount to companies that offer online reservation and these companies pass on the same to their customers.

Free Services

While booking hotels and resorts in Thailand, you should pay attention to the complementary services offered by them, besides the room rates. Sometimes if you pay a little extra for the room rent, the deal may turn out to be cheaper if you get complementary services, such as free meals, free spa, or free use of gymnasium. The cost of these services is high and can add substantially to your cost of stay. Therefore, you should take into consideration the total cost before finalizing the deal. If the Thailand hotel that you want to book is not offering discount, you can request them to offer free services.


This is surely the most popular way to reduce your expenses on hotel stay. If you plan your holiday to Thailand during the off-season, you may get even the top hotels Thailand at cheap rates. The rainy season from July to October, is the lean tourist time in Thailand. You may even get discounts if you book Thailand hotels for weekdays, instead of weekends, when local tourists throng the places and the demand for hotels goes up drastically.

Package Dealsthailand-20

Package deals include the return airfares, hotel stay, sightseeing, and even meals sometimes. If you book a package, the overall cost of your trip will be quite lower than if you book your air tickets and Thailand hotels separately. However, in this case, you have to follow the itinerary of the package. Hence you need to check the package deal carefully before booking. Some package deals include only stay at hotel and meals. For example, if you are planning to stay at different places, such as Bangkok and Pattaya, during your visit to Thailand, you can get a discount by booking a package of a hotel chain. Customers who book Thailand hotels from the same group of hotels at different locations get good discounts.

Group Bookings

If you plan to go on vacation with your family and friends in a group, you can save money. If you book hotels in Thailand for a group, you may get great Thailand hotel lowest room rates for yourself.

A little planning can help you book Thailand hotels at affordable prices. If you are planning your vacation at the last moment, do not lose heart. You can still book hotels at cheap rates, as many online hotel reservation websites offer hotel bookings at low prices.

Cheap Sweden Hotels

swedenhtSweden is the largest Scandinavian country and it offers you several opportunities for cultural and outdoor activities. You have plenty of opportunities to explore the glorious history of the country while visiting the cities which are fine examples of cosmopolitan and modern society. Extensive forest region, 90,000 lakes, mountains, and beautiful sea are the wonderful assets of the country. Obviously, to have the pleasure of seeing all this, you need to stay longer over there. Cheap Sweden hotels are the best option if budget is anyway a matter of concern for you. Despite being on the outskirts of Europe, Sweden never lost its fabulous cultural taste. The chiefs of the then kingdom used to invite artists from all across the globe to their courts. This trend helped Swedish people immensely in developing own traditional, cultural and architectural heritages.

Four of the greatest cities, Stockholm, Linkoping, Gothenburg and Malmo have all the good traits to bring smile on your face. The capital city Stockholm is a hi-tech city which has a fine historical background. Predecessors such as Uppsala, Birka, Kykoping and Sigtuna surround the city. You must enjoy the famous trip Gothenburg on boat through the Gota Canal that connects Gothenburg with Stockholm. You will find plenty of interesting facts about both medieval and modern history of aviation and electronics while on the trip through the central plain and valleys of Sweden. Some of the cheap hotels in Sweden also have incredible configuration when it comes to get impressed by the superb architectural design.

sweden-160_720Gothenburg is the industrial town of the country. It is the commercial capital of the country. Large international port dominates the city. Malmo is another city in the south which is cosier and has a more common touch. Nature has bestowed upon a lot of blessings to the southern region of the country. Warm and sandy beaches, rural landscape with beautiful manors and patches of woods pervade through the region.